Glen Ellen: Gleba-Beatty Residence

Looking up at multi-level pool deck

Pool umbrellas

Cool tones of Artemisia contrast with warm Penstemon Garnet

Rustic stone slabs, gravel, and boulders make steps

Pool and deck

Pool site (before)

Multi-level pool deck with new plantings

Looking up at pool site (before)

Graceful curb transitions gravel driveway to entry garden

Low split-face stone wall echoes clean lines of modern shed

Lavender, grasses, succulents, Euphorbia, and Penstemon

Redesign of a steep, hot and dry slope was needed to create better access to new pool and entertainment areas. The multilevel design allows for many different uses.

Working with Ira at Rainscape Design was a delight. He is an excellent listener, has a keen eye for design and engages his clients in a very collaborative way. The result for us has been a beautiful, cost-effective landscape that is well suited for our environment and requires minimal maintenance.

–David Gleba